-LTM Sports will gladly accept transfers for firearms. If your dealer needs a copy of our license, please have them                 contact us at:

-If firearm is coming from a non-FFL holder, we will require a copy of their State ID

-The current transfer fee for handguns and long guns is $30 

-The current NFA item transfer fee is $75

-We can facilitate the entire E-Form process here including digital fingerprints (EFT) and photos to meet ATF and FBI           requirements

-Fingerprint fee is currently $35, and you will receive an email copy of the fingerprint EFT file for future use

-Per 13 V.S.A. ยง 4019a - firearms shall not be transferred until 72 after a Unique Identification Number is provided by National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)  


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